Register a Door of Mercy

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Register a Door of Mercy

To live the Jubilee in every Diocese, we invite you to use this web site to register Doors of Mercy located throughout the world.


Who can register a Door of Mercy?

Every bishop in his own diocese (or other diocesan ordinary) is invited to designate a representative for communications regarding the Jubilee, who will be the official contact person for communications between the Diocese and the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization.  Having a designated contact person will facilitate the exchange of useful information and documents for the Holy Year.

It is the task of these diocesan representatives to register the Doors of Mercy open in the various dioceses.  The diocesan representative may do this personally, or with the help of other people appointed by him/her (for example, the rector of a shrine at which the Bishop has approved the opening of a Door of Mercy).


How do you register a Door of Mercy?

To register a Door of Mercy it is necessary to insert your own log-in information.  The instructions for obtaining this log-in information were sent to all the bishops of the world last July, as part of the information packet regarding the Jubilee.

Can I register a Door of Mercy?

In order to guarantee the accuracy of the information regarding the Doors of Mercy registered on our site, only the diocesan representative for communications regarding the Jubilee (or a person appointed by this representative) can register a Door of Mercy.

Why register a Door of Mercy?

Pope Francis desires that this extraordinary Jubilee be lived in all local Churches.  Our intention is to provide access to useful information for all those seeking to take part in the Jubilee as fully as possible by making a pilgrimage through the Holy Door in their own Dioceses.

What information is necessary to register a Door of Mercy?

In addition to basic information about the church (name and address), and a brief description of it, you will also be asked to indicate the hours when it is open, the times of liturgical celebrations, and the hours for confessions.  It is also possible to upload several photos, a pastoral document (ex. the letter of the Bishop for the Holy Year), and contact information for the church (telephone number, email, website, and Twitter and Facebook profiles).

If you have already received your log-in information, you can access the reserved area from here: